The Shrimps have gone on holiday for christmas, we will be back in the new year with more improvised comedy, so stay tuned for comedy in the new year.


The Shrimps have their fingers in a lot of pies. Wait, there's a fish pie joke there, and kind of a fish finger joke too, but I can't quite see how to unpack it... anyway, the gist of this intro is that our mighty Shrimps are a many-faceted multi-talented bunch of little scampis. Here are a handful of links that show exactly where our Shrimpy fingers go. (That wasn't it)


The Shrimps are proud to participate in the Sheffield Student Comedy Festival. To find out more about this annual feast of funny, this smorgasbord of sniggers, visit: Student Comedy Festival

Thought Thief

To find out how Shrimpy Thought Thief Pete Antoniou uses his mind-reading skills for the forces of good visit: Is Your Mind Safe?